Innovators in Composting Systems and Technologies

Who We Are

BCE is a small company based in northern Canada dedicated to using over 25+ years of composting and agricultural engineering expertise to improve composting outcomes for communities of many sizes.

We do this because composting plays a very important role in mitigating climate change and helping feed communities.

BCE is based in the Yukon Territory, Canada and specialises in providing innovative solutions and equipment to the waste management and composting industries.

What We Do

The focus of our work is helping communities and businesses improve their waste management systems and increase organic waste diversion. We achieve this by providing the technical know-how and built-to-order systems and equipment to help your project succeed. Our speciality is providing innovative thinking and solutions to complex challenges where a “one size fits all” approach won’t work.


Here is a sampling of some of the projects we have completed over the last 14 years. Please click on the project to learn more about it.

Yukon Territory Composting Program

Government of Yukon, Department of Community Services

Micro Cleaner-Screener

Smiley Worms, Brandon, Manitoba

Heavy-duty 40m3/hr. Contaminant Separator

Stickland Compost Facility, Red Deer, Alberta

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