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Who We Are

BCE is a small company based in northern Canada dedicated to using over 25+ years of composting and agricultural engineering expertise to improve composting outcomes for communities of different sizes. We do this because composting plays a very important role in mitigating climate change and helping feed communities.

We are focused on continual development of our proprietary compost cleaning technologies which help compost producers remove plastics and other contaminants from their material. Our work helps reduce the volume of organics sent to landfills due to contamination, and increases the amount and quality of compost that can be used beneficially in soils to mitigate climate change.

With almost 20 years of sub-arctic commercial composting experience, we have the know-how and practical systems to help your northern and remote-site composting project be a success. Even though it gets cold in the north, our experience can keep your compost rocking at +60 C when it’s -40 C using natural and inexpensive methods. Worried about attracting bears? Our tried and tested composting techniques will help ensure safe composting without attracting wildlife.

Started in 2009 by Garret Gillespie to design and build composting equipment, and to provide technical and management services, Boreal Compost Enterprises continues to evolve and grow into its unique fields of expertise. Garret has a Master’s degree in agricultural engineering from Silsoe College (Cranfield University) UK, and had a background industrial agriculture, agricultural development, soil conservation and equipment manufacturing before moving to the Yukon over 20 years ago.

We specialise in thinking outside the box to come up with cost-effective innovative solutions that solve our clients challenges.

Garret Gillespie
President, BCE Ltd.

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