Heavy-duty 40m3/hr. Contaminant Separator

LOCATION: Stickland Compost Facility, Red Deer, Alberta

YEAR: 2017/18


  • Design and build heavy-duty separator

Heavy-duty 40m3/hr. Contaminant Separator

Most facilities that handle municipal food and yard waste have some degree of physical contaminants present. As is often the case in the early days of program roll-outs, education of the community and enforcement measures can be slow to catch up with the reality on the ground. This can result in facilities having to deal with large amounts of contaminants, undermining the composting process and future uses. This was the rationale for BCE beginning to develop an effective separation solution back in 2010.

With this project our goal was to scale-up an earlier version of the separator to make it suitable for the then 20,000 ton per year facility in central Alberta. Powered by three phase electricity, this separator was quietly able to reach its stated throughput and produce outstandingly clean screening overs. Indeed, it could be said it separates most things out, including the kitchen sink!

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