Micro Cleaner-Screener

LOCATION: Smiley Worms, Brandon, Manitoba

YEAR: 2018


  • Design and build micro-scale compost cleaner and screening machine

Micro Cleaner-Screener

This machine was designed with the micro-scale (less than 500 tons per year) compost facility in mind. This size of operation needs small scale industrial-duty composting equipment because they are dealing with the same type of material and conditions as larger facilities. Affordable, appropriately sized and configured screening equipment is very difficult to find, and to our knowledge, plastic separators in this size range donโ€™t exist.
This machine proved that we could scale down our proprietary plastic separation technology and screen in one pass. With this format the operator can clean their compost and produce cleaned overs and fines with one affordable, simple unit. Powered by single phase electricity, the cleaner-screener runs quietly and efficiently with very little maintenance.
We are now working on improving this format and increasing the size for facilities up to 3000 tons per year.

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