The Compost Liberator Project

LOCATION: Whitehorse, Yukon and various sites in north America

YEAR: 2012 to 2017


  • Research and develop a unique separation system
  • Design and build a mobile proof-of-concept prototype

The Compost Liberator Project

The groundwork was laid for this project back in 2010 when we began attempting a plastic separation solution for the city of Whitehorse compost facility. We had contacted every possible equipment supplier on the market and found that none of them could (and still canโ€™t) provide any separation performance guarantee. With that in mind we began developing an entirely new and unique approach to separating physical contaminants from compost that would work reliably and effectively. After many years and much prototyping the Compost Liberator was born.

Covered by several international patents, the unique technology in the Compost Liberator proved capable of consistently delivering effective, high efficiency separation under wide ranging conditions. Mobile variants of this technology have subsequently been exclusively licensed to Vermeer Corporation and are now being manufactured in the U.S.

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